Why people love being Business Analysts

I posted a question few weeks ago in a LinkedIn group for Business Analysts asking why people have chosen to be a Business Analyst and why they enjoy this role so much. Below are some of the responses from Analysts around the world.

“For me, Business Analysis is about problem solving and creating. I am driven by “building” in a brod sense. It doesn’t matter whether it is learning, teaching, solving, improving, creating, … It’s all “building”. The first step is learning, trying to understand the issue, its origin, its context, the forces and rules that drives the issue. This is the analysis. Then I can start to think about the “solving” and “creative” part. Once the solution is known and put on paper, the problem is solved. It’s is then just a matter of time, a matter of building and implementing the solution. I can already move to the next issue. Business Analysis issues are at a quite high level, in comparison to programming and I can more think in terms of value.” Axel Vanhooren

“I am fascinated by defining the problem/opportunity and finding a business solution that adds value. I enjoy going through these iterations of activities and finding the best alternative solution.” Josef Balahan, PMP, CSM

“1) I love working directly with the business, at all levels (executive, to management, to front-end workers)
2) I’m a people person, I Iove to talk to people about what they’re doing, trying to achieve, and collaborating with them.
3) I have an aptitude for communication be it speaking at conferences, workshops, or the written word. I enjoy it.
4) It uses all of my accumulated skills and experience. In the past I’ve been a Director of Customer Services, through a support engineer in more distant years, and being a BA calls upon all of this to get it right.
5) The feeling of contribution – that what I’m doing in actually adding a benefit to the business.
6) Problem solving.
7) Educating – whether it be mentoring other BA’s, or simply presenting clients with an alternative view to what they think they know and understand.
8) Teamwork. Of course, I can work alone, but rarely is the role of a BA one that exists within itself. We work as part of a team, which means there is plenty to learn at all times.
And lots more…. I’d say you could sum it up by simply stating “it’s fun”. I enjoy what I do, and that’s worth everything.” David Watts

“I joined a Graduate Business Analyst programme after leaving university as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but when I read the job advert I thought “that’s me!”

15 years on, and a numberof large blue-chip companies, the best thing I love is the problem solving; specifically when working on new system developments and bridging the gap between the end users and the IT developers. I don’t see myself as either a business SME or a knowledgeable “techy” but the process of enaging the stakeholders, interviewing the end users to define their actual requirements (not what they think they want!) and then working with the designers and developers to get the best solution for them, really is the best job I could do.” Kairen Toman (nee Belsky)

“Insatiable appetite for learning new things from SMEs is my reason… I love it because I never tire of listening to problems and their solutions and then posing a “Yes, but what if….?” that no one has thought of. Then there is the “rush” that comes from solutions that work and about which you were correct. Hmmmmm… There is however the “downer” when you are wrong but, if you remember them, and learn a lesson from them, they become fewer and fewer… Like hens teeth.” Dale Clarke, MBCS

As you can see, there has been some great feedback from everyone. I find it interesting that most people have very similar reasons as to why the choose to be a Business Analyst. It all seems to revolve around solving problems, working with teams to reach goals and being in a position to be continuously learning.

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Why people love being Business Analysts
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