Stop Over Complicating Enterprise Software

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Enterprise software solutions always seem to over complicate things. Time and time again, executives are sold the number features a piece of software has and they do a simple more is better analysis on features to make buying decisions. This is so 1990.

MS Project is one of many examples of over complicated software. As far as features go, it probably has the most features a project management tool could possibly have. First developed in 1984 for DOS, MS project hasn’t changed a whole lot in its basic model of how it manages projects. It was designed as a waterfall project management tool centered around the Gantt Chart and in typical Microsoft fashion, it has been adapted over the years to do everything and anything you can imagine a project management tool to do and then some.

And this is exactly the problem. MS Project has become so complex that it’s become an inhibitor to project success in many cases. The time and energy put into; A) learning how to use MS Project, to B) planning and building out a project plan; in my opinion is not worth the price tag. There is a better way and it starts with a less is more philosophy.

If enterprises want to innovate, respond to market changes faster and become more efficient overall, then they should be looking at what high growth start-ups are doing and adapt their project management thinking.

You won’t find many of today’s high growth innovative technology start-ups using MS Project. For one, it’s too expensive. $600+ for one license is a lot when you compare it to something like Basecamp. Basecamp costs $50/month for unlimited users and 40 projects. That’s only $600/year for your entire team and the capabilities and value are 100 fold better than what MS Project gives you. Note that I said “value”, not “features”. There is no software to install, no servers to buy and setup and the tool is so simple to use, most people figure it out in a few hours.

Contrast that to MS project and if you want to collaborate in the MS Project world, you need to buy Project Server and install it at a price tag in the thousands. Then there is training because when you open project there is roughly 1000 buttons you can click to do something and most people without a degree in MS Project simply don’t get what 99% of the features do. Yes there is now Office 360 but again, it’s still using the same old project application.

As a result and like with many of Microsofts products, out of the 200 plus capabilities available to the user, most people learn to use less than 20. So why pay for the complexity if your team will never use it? It just doesn’t make sense when you look as what new cloud based modern project management tools can accomplish.

Large enterprises need to embrace the cloud and the many new innovate project management tools available to them. There is a better way. Ditch your MS Project and try one of these tools. They will bring your team together like never before to collaborate and make change happen faster & cheaper in your organization.

I know here are 100’s more out there.

What are you using instead of MS Project?

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Stop Over Complicating Enterprise Software
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