Learning how to use WordPress

Part of our services here at WYSIWYG Ventures is teaching our  clients how to use WordPress and to take ownership of the sites we build for them. Our goals is to enable our clients to be able to make changes on their web sites and feel confident in doing so.

One of the tools we use for this is an excellent plugin called WP101Plugin. This plugin provides WordPress tutorial videos delivered directly in the dashboard making it easy to learn right from within your web site.

The 17-part WordPress 101 video tutorial series covers all of the important topics needed to manage a WordPress website including:


  1. The Dashboard
  2. Creating a New Post
  3. Edit an Existing Post
  4. Using Categories and Tags
  5. Creating and Edit Pages
  6. Adding Photos and Images
  7. How to Embed Video
  8. Using the Media Library
  9. Managing Comments
  10. How to Create Links
  11. Changing the Theme,
  12. Header, and Background
  13. Adding Widgets
  14. Using Custom Menus
  15. Installing Plugins
  16. Adding New Users
  17. Useful Tools
  18. Settings & Configuration

If you need help installing this plugin on your WordPress website, contact us and we would be happy to help you out.

Learning how to use WordPress
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