30 Big Brands that use WordPress

We’re big fans of WordPress here at WYSIWYG Ventures. We build most of our clients sites using this powerful opensource platform. WordPress is a a great software platform for creating websites, managing content, blogging and whole bunch of other solutions.

Some people have claimed that because it’s open source, meaning it’s free to use, that it’s not the best choice for a serious project due to insecurity an inability to scale. This is simply not true and very short sighted. If that were true, than why would the following 30 big brands trust WordPress for their serious projects that can scale for very large audiences.

1. Ebay Blog
3. Digg Blog
4. Ford
5. Wall Street Journal
6. Sony
7. People Magazine
8. Samsung
9. Playstation
10. NYTimes Blogs
11. Wired
12. Mozilla Firefox
13. Rackspace
14. CNN
15. Network Solutions
16. Flickr
17. Download.com
18. Ben & Jerry
19. cPanel
20. General Electronic (GE)
21. Mashable
22. Maclean’s Magazine
23. Forbes
24. Reuters’ blogs
25. GigaOm
26. TechCrunch
27. GM’s FastLane blog
28. VW’s Think Blue blog
29. UPS’ Upside
30. Time Magazine

If your website is not using WordPress, here are 5 simple reasons you should be.

  1. Absolutely Free
  2. Very user Friendly
  3. Content Management System is very powerful
  4. Easy Integration with social Media
  5. It grows with you and your business
30 Big Brands that use WordPress
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